Title 24, Part 6 Commissioning and Acceptance Testing Resources

Title 24 is the state of California's comprehensive building energy code. The code contains standards governing many aspects of building design, including building energy efficiency. Title 24 requires commissioning, and Acceptance Testing of windows, lighting and mechanical systems for new buildings, major renovations and equipment replacements

These resources will help contractors and code officials navigate the commissioning and Acceptance Testing processes and explain the benefits and requirements of Acceptance Testing to building owners.

Acceptance Testing Bid Sheet

Contractors can use this information sheet during the bidding process to explain what Title 24 Acceptance Testing is, how it works, when it is required and why it's important for safe and efficient buildings.

Commissioning and Acceptance Testing Infographics

CCC developed an Infographic describing the Acceptance Testing process, and EnergyCode Ace has published a handy infographic on the commissioning requirements. Clear graphics depict who is involved, the steps in the process, where to find testing resources and how all parties benefit from careful planning

Acceptance Testing Case Study

Find out how Art DeLeon, a successful testing specialist, overcomes the challenges to Acceptance testing to deliver the benefits to his customers and building occupants.

CEC Title 24, Part 6 Resources

The California Energy Commission has developed a rich set of resources to support implementation of Title 24, Part 6. The focused Acceptance Testing resources on this page are provided as a complement to those CEC resources. The CEC's California Energy Standards Online Learning Center provides a broader view of Title 24, Part 6. The Online Learning Center can be found at www.title24learning.com. You can also find many useful tools and resources at www.energycodeace.com


These resources to support implementation of Title 24 Acceptance Testing are based on a study supported by the California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research program. More information about that study, including the final report.