Building construction tools overflowing from an open toolbox.

Existing Building Commissioning Resources

The Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) Toolkit assists EBCx practitioners and building owners/managers in providing consistent, effective, and cost-efficient services.

  • Guide for Commissioning Existing Buildings—This guide presents an introduction to the goals, costs, and benefits of EBCx It also provides detailed information on the processes, team structure and persistence strategies that lead to successful projects.
  • Facility Operations Assessment (FOA) toolkit—The FOA toolkit offers a standardized approach to determining the feasibility of EBCx for a commercial building. This toolkit can be used by property buyers to assess a potential purchase, or by anyone who wants to determine a building’s potential for operations and maintenance (O&M) improvements
  • Savings Calculation Tools—Calculate energy savings for many common EBCx measures using these Microsoft Excel® workbooks.
  • Energy Analysis Tools—Use these Microsoft Excel®-based tools to record, organize, and analyze data collected during the EBCx process.
  • Guidelines for Verifying Savings from Commissioning Existing Buildings—These guidelines provide standardized methods to calculate and verify energy savings in EBCx projects. They also assist EBCx service providers in selecting the ideal verification methodology for a given project.
  • Templates and Sample Documents—These documents provide examples of many typical EBCx deliverables and reports.