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Accredited Green Commissioning Process Provider (GCxP℠ or GCP)


University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM)


This certification recognizes individuals who lead commissioning process activities as commissioning authorities (the CxP team leader) on new or existing building projects that emphasize green and sustainable building principles. This includes the Commissioning Process team leader as designated by titles other than commissioning authority, which may be used by some organizations. Applicants must provide documentation on 4 green building new construction or major rehab projects or existing building projects, including letters of reference (or two projects that achieve either LEED Enhanced Commissioning or all 6 LEED EB commissioning points). Applicants must pass the examination before submitting the application for GCxP℠.


Applicants must complete the 3-day "Commissioning Process for Delivering Quality Constructed Projects" course, plus at least one of the 2-day UWM specialized Cx topic courses. These classroom courses may be taken at different offerings. The courses are offered in either Madison or Las Vegas, and must be completed before taking the exam. Completion of the 5-day BCA course offered by UWM is an approved alternative for satisfying the coursework requirement. All training is heavily process oriented, with some hands-on activities in the classroom. It covers new construction commissioning, with special topic courses available for existing building commissioning or LEED Cx. All applicants must complete the certification orientation/review training session before the exam.


Applicants must receive a score of 80% on a 4-part exam that includes a mix of exercises and multiple-choice questions. The exam is offered after the required training and was open-book as of Aug. 2010.


  • Orientation/review, study guide, examination: $675
  • Recertification: $195
  • "The Commissioning Process for Delivering Quality Constructed Projects": $1,495
  • Special Cx topic courses: $995
  • Both courses in one week: $2195
  • BCA 5-day course at UWM: $2195
  • BCA member discounts are available for courses.


Certification is renewable every 5 years. Renewal applicants must answer a survey and complete a short, non-graded quiz.


University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Engineering Professional Development

432 North Lake St
Madison, WI 53706