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Building System Commissioning (BSC) Certification

The BSC is a certification for firms that employ a NEBB-certified representative, who receives the designation BSC Certified Professional (CP).


National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB)


Firms must be in business for one year; provide six letters of endorsement; be affiliated with a local NEBB chapter; possess and maintain the required calibrated instruments; confirm in writing that they will follow NEBB's standards; and possess the current Procedural Standards.

CPs must have one of the following:

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering with 2 years of supervisory experience in HVAC installation or design
  • An associates degree in engineering technology with 4 years of supervisory experience in TAB or in the HVAC industry
  • 4 years of TAB or design experience and 4 years of supervisory experience in TAB or HVAC
  • 4 years of HVAC and 2 years of TAB experience, plus 4 years of supervisory experience in TAB or HVAC


NEBB offers a four-day BSC seminar, but candidates are not required to complete any training. The NEBB Training & Educational Center (NEBB TEC) in Tempe, Arizona, hosts the seminar, which covers both process management and technical topics within the overall subject of existing building commissioning. The seminar has hands-on elements and is not accredited to provide continuing education units.


Candidates must pass multiple-choice, open-book examinations on procedural standards, whole building commissioning processes and deliverables and HVAC and building control system commissioning. Altogether, the exams comprise six hours of testing. Exams are administered after seminars in Tempe and from time to time after seminars in other locations. The passing score is 70%.


Firms pay a $1,300 base fee, plus $50 for each CP, plus a $250 quality assurance process fee, plus a $225 BSC discipline fee annually (if a firm has only one CP the total annual fee would be $1,825, and if the firm has two CPs the annual fee would be $1,875). The optional seminar costs $1,500.


Firm and individual certification is renewable every two years. Firms must provide evidence of ownership and calibration of all required instrumentation. BSC renewal also requires maintenance of a fulltime CP. CP renewal requires 12 hours of continuing education and participation in commissioning review assignments.


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Manager of Certification Programs

National Environmental Balancing Bureau

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