Past CCC Meetings - 2012

Date Location Meeting Minutes and Presentations

December 6, 2012

Web Meeting


Meeting Minutes

Meeting Presentation

LADWP's RCx Express Program Overview

UC Irvine's Commissioning and Energy Monitoring Strategy

SCE Commercial Building RCx Program - Lessons Learned

PG&E Core Retrocommissioning - Lessons Learned & Updates

October 18, 2012

Web Meeting

  Meeting Recording


Advanced Lighting Intro and Helpful Lighting Guides

Design and Commissioning of Lighting Control Systems

Photosensor System Design with the Sensor Placement + Optimization Tool

August 30 - September 20, 2012

Web Meeting Series

This webinar series was offered to introduce attendees to the verification methodologies presented in the CCC's Guidelines for Verifying Savings from Commissioning Existing Buildings.

Part 1 - Guidelines Overview and Selecting a Method

Part 2 - Method 1: Engineering Calculations with Field Verification

Part 3 - Method 2: System or Equipment Energy Measurement

Part 4 - Method 3: Energy Models Using Interval Data

August 9, 2012

Web Meeting

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Meeting Presentation

Non-Invasive Retrofits for Energy Savings, Demand Response, and Operational Efficiency

Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) Rooftop HVAC Units: Technology, Code Requirements, Commissioning (9.1 mb)

June 14, 2012

Hosted by SMUD

Meeting Minutes


California's Darker Shade of Green

CCC PIER Program Retrospective

Vision for Code Compliance Documentation

Whole Building Workshop Summary

EBCx Program Plans

BEARS Asset Rating Project Summary

AB 1103 Update

Fine Line Between Maintenance and EBCx

Commissioning Training Program

May 3, 2012

Hosted by PG&E

The report below summarizes the outcomes from an all-day workshop conducted at PG&E's San Francisco Headquarters on May 3rd, 2012, entitled Commercial Whole Building Performance: How to Make it Work in California. The workshop, organized by the California Commissioning Collaborative, brought together a broad cross-section of energy efficiency industry experts representing utilities, regulators, building owners, technology vendors, commissioning providers, and others for a series of presentations and discussions. The group explored how commercial whole building approaches can provide a pathway to deeper energy savings through retrofits, commissioning and other measures, as well how associated savings quantification challenges may be addressed using advanced technology and innovative methods. A selection of presentations is also available here for download.


Workshop Overvew and Agenda

Making Dumb Buildings Smart


First Fuel Building Energy Analytics

Customer Panel

Whole Building Performance and M&V Considerations

Workshop Panel

Savings Methodology & Keys to Market Acceptance

April 12, 2012

Online Meeting


Monitoring-based Commissioning: Continuous Performance Investigation and Evaluation

Microsoft's Energy Smart Building Pilot

Microsoft - Energy-Smart Buildings

Building Monitoring and Ongoing Commissioning at VITP

Leading by Example: Showcasing Results (VITP)

Building Performance Tracking Handbook

Energy Information Handbook

February 16, 2012

Online Meeting