Past CCC Meetings - 2011

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December 8, 2011

Hosted by SDG&E

October 13, 2011

Online Meeting

  Meeting Recording

August 4, 2011

Online Meeting

  Meeting Recording

Meeting Agenda

Industry Context: Market and Regulatory Drivers Towards ZNE

Title 24 and End Use Loads - Passive approaches vs. Renewables for Achieving ZNE

NREL's Research Support Facility: High Performance Building Through Integrated Design

NREL's Research Support Facility: Commissioning for Zero-Net Energy

June 9, 2011

San Ramon

Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes

Meeting Presentation

Benefits of Retrofitting Dual Evaporative Cooling for RTUs

A Two Step Approach to High Performance Buildings

Perspectives on the Installation and Use of Energy Monitoring in a Commissioning Program

Monitoring-Based Commissioning: An Update

CCC PIER Research Program: Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting

Verification of Existing Building Commissioning Project Savings

April 7, 2011

Online Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Presentation - Introducing the Building Performance Tracking Handbook

Presentation - The First-View Approach