CCC Projects

CCC projects aim to improve overall building performance by delivering cost effective trainings, educational information, tools and research. The purpose of our projects is to educate, inform and identify opportunities and promote solutions that enable the building commissioning process in California.

The CCC's current agenda represents the organization's focus on helping meet California's goals for energy efficiency. To achieve this goal, the CCC will direct its activities and effort toward four primary initiatives, as follows:

Support policy dialog. CCC is recognized as a leader on matters related to commissioning, and has made significant contributions to policy and code development. We will continue to build on the momentum that has been created with the policy-makers with regards to commissioning goals in the Long Term Plan.

Provide a forum for information-sharing and networking. This is a core activity for the CCC and remains a high priority for the Board members and the industry at large. These efforts are focused on maximizing the value of in-person meetings while providing effective and useful on-line resources and information exchange opportunities.

Support energy efficiency programs. The CCC continues efforts to help utilities develop new approaches and frameworks that better integrate commissioning into their program portfolios with maximum benefit to the utilities and the customers they serve.

Conduct research and development projects. The CCC is regarded as a reliable source of commissioning resources and tools. In support of our work with the CPUC's implementation of the Long Term Plan, the CCC can fill gaps in industry knowledge and continue to build necessary infrastructure that will allow the commissioning practice to flourish in California.