Energy Transparency in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

  • Goal: Improve buyer access to information about commercial building energy performance at the time of sale or lease.
  • Scope: Develop and pilot an approach to integrating an energy assessment into the due diligence process, which assesses risk and value at the time of sale.

This project explored the cost, time, and optimal approach to delivering credible, actionable building information to owners at the time of sale. This information includes both current energy performance and future opportunities for operational improvement to increase asset value immediately post-acquisition.

This project piloted two assessment approaches of varying cost & rigor, resulting in the development of the Facility Operations Assessment (FOA) process. A report on the pilots, industry background research, and development of the FOA is available for download. Find out more about the Facility Operations Assessment Process and download the free FOA toolkit on the FOA page.


Timeline: May 2009 - December 2011

Principal Investigator: Eliot Crowe,