The Building Performance Tracking Handbook

Building performance tracking promises continuous improvement for every building. By employing a strategy to monitor and improve the energy and system performance of commercial buildings, building performance tracking is the first step in seeing operating costs fall, asset values grow, and market differentiation improve.

This handbook outlines the steps needed to continually manage building performance, demystifies the complex array of building performance tracking tools available, and provides guidance on selecting the most appropriate tracking strategy.

Download the Building Performance Tracking Handbook.

Building Performance Tracking Success Stories


Development of The Building Performance Tracking Handbook was funded by the California Energy Commission, and managed by the California Commissioning Collaborative. Content was built around research conducted by PECI and Enovity, Inc. into the variety of performance tracking tools available and the management strategies that have demonstrated success in applying those tools (research reports can be downloaded here). The handbook was written and designed by PECI, and has been peer reviewed by a technical advisory group and endorsed by the BOMA California Energy Committee.